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Follow these 10 steps below to register for VAT on eFiling:

Step 1

Logon to your eFiling profile

Step 2 -Navigate to Home in the top menu, then SARS Registered Details on the left menu:

Step 3

Select Maintain SARS Registered Details

Step 4

The Maintain SARS Registered Details screen will display. Select I Agree to confirm that you are authorised to register for VAT

Step 5

Click  Revenue on the left menu, then VAT under My tax products

Step 6

Select Add new product registration to register a new VAT number

Step 7

The RAV01 form will open with the VAT questionnaire

Step 8

If you select the business activity code field, the VAT Business Activity box will display to select the section applicable to your business.

Step 9

If your answer to the question ‘Taxable supply exceeded R50,000 in the preceding 12 months’, is ‘Y’ for yes, then the sum of standard rated supplies and zero rated supplies must be more than R50,000.

If you have answered 'N' to the ‘Taxable Supplies exceeded in the preceding 12 months’ then the expected Taxable Supplies question must be answered Y and if you have answered Y to the fact that you have not yet exceeded this amount, you are required to indicate when and how you will expect to reach the R50 000 Taxable Turnover. These questions are mandatory and you will be unable to proceed if this is not completed.

Step 10

Submit the form once all the blocks are completed, navigate to Maintain Registered Details History on the left menu, where there will be a work page where you can see the progress of the application and whether SARS requires any further supporting documents

The VAT registration process changed on 12 October 2015 - you can now register for VAT even if your turnover haven't reached R 50000 within the first year of the company being registered. To download the SARS guide for VAT registrations click here!Also refer to the SARS website for any updates on the process.

To search for a VAT registration number click here, from the website of the South African Revenue Services.

To do the search you would need the following.

1. VAT registration number

2. The trading name of the business.

Two reasons why you might need to verify a VAT registration number

1. Once you register for VAT you can confirm if the number is correct

2. If a supplier gives you a VAT invoice you can confirm that the VAT number exist and that it is correct.

It is important to issue tax invoices correctly and also to make sure that your suppliers issue a tax invoice to you correctly.

The checklist for VAT invoices can be downloaded here!