Free Sage Business Cloud Accounting Consultation

For a very limited time I am offering free 30 minutes consultations on Sage Cloud Business Accounting!

To qualify for the free Sage Business Cloud Accounting consultation you need to agree to the following:

Here is how to book your consultation:

On the day of the meeting please:


*Although Ive been working on Sage Business Cloud Accounting for many years I still dont know everything, if you have a question and I am not 100% sure then I will refer you to the Sage call centre.

** I am registered as a Sage Advisor and by me entering my referral code I will earn “brownie points” every time you pay your subscription, so although I do not charge for the 30 minute consultation I will receive benefits from Sage as long as you remain a Sage subscriber, so I therefore ask that you do not remove my referral code from your subscribtion page.

*** I reserve the right to cancel or move an appointment as sometime life does happen to all of us, if you have to cancel an appointment please do it via the email you received as there will be a link for cancellations

**** Only one consultation will be allowed per person, if you need additional traininng I can send you a seperate quote for one on one training.

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