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How to Submit UIF returns

To help you submit UIF returns we will need the following:

The full names and surnames and ID numbers of your employees

The total amount of salaries paid during the month

The total UIF deducted

Your u-filing login details – if you are not registered we can  register you

Proof of payment for submitting the return


The Unemployment Insurance Fund is also known as UIF  and gives short term relief to workers when they become unemployed or if they become unemployed or are not abel to work due to maternity or illness.

An employer is anyone who pays remuneration to any employee, this employer is responsible to deduct and pay over the UIF contribution to either SARS or UIF on a monthly basis.

Similar to SARS the department of labour has its own platform for submitting UIF returns on a monthly basis called U Filing.

An employee is anyone who receives or becomes entitled to remuneration in respect of services rendered by that person but it excludes independent contractors and sole proprietors in certain cases.

Please refer to the the website of the department of labour for more information on UIF