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Tax Clearance Certificate

Do you need a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Here you will find all the information we need to assist you to apply for a SARS tax clearance certificate. A tax clearance certificate is a declaration from SARS to a third party to confirm that an entity’s tax affairs are up to date. Since 2016 SARS introduced a live system where third parties can verify the validity of the tax clearance using a SARS pin.

Who will ask you for a SARS tax clearance certificate?

Which tax numbers appears on a tax clearance?

What is the process to apply for the tax clearance application?

Once we have the company  registered on e filing we can start the process of doing the Tax Clearance application and if the application is successful then we will email you the tax clearance and SARS pin.

If there is anything outstanding we will notify you and assist you to get your tax affairs up to date and then we can re apply for the tax clearance certificate.

Contact us today if you need us to assist with your tax clearance certificate application!

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